We are the pioneers in India for underwater walking helmet as we are the first domestic manufacturer of underwater walking helmets with non-integrated weight technology. Our technology is secured under the Indian patent act (Patent.No:288157).

We are the pioneers in the world for underwater drinking apparatus as we are the inventors and the world’s first manufacturers of underwater drinking apparatus with pre-presser air system, self buoyant detachable weight and push-button liquid flow system patented under India’s patent act (Patent pending Application.No:201941035372).

As the result of bringing these two inventions under one umbrella the third invention of creating the world’s first underwater drinking café for the people to have the experience of drinking on the moon and mars, frogmen’s café is the world’s first underwater drinking café with intellectual property rights in India(Patent pending Application. No: 202041045499).

Aqua walk solution is recognized under start-up India DPIIT (DiPP764990) and intends to add many more underwater activities related to educational, fun and recreational activities in the coming days, we are streamlined to launch new activities and already working on it to get it to you all ASAP.